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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hey Ya'll.

I was reading some of my old posts and realized that although it's been six months, i would take a shot at bloggerepentance- and begin again.

As of now- i'm sitting in a secret computer lab i just discovered at UVSC. I think i will forevermore refer to it as the "pretty people lab". it is very strange= all the labs at UVSC are like mother dogs trying to feed all of her puppies- but she just can't get to them all. that may have been the grossest metaphor ever.

but they are all packed to the brim with long lines and even longer waiting lists. yet i turned a corner today and found the pretty lab. it's like sixty computers with only fifteen or so people in here. all of which are very good looking for some reason. weird.

so- i was reading my old blog about the fact that 18 yrs and 11 months old was the very crappiest state to be in ever.

I figured i would give you this update=

i am now nineteen years and eleven months old. that extra year does wonders.

i don't know if its cause of my boost in schooling and the fact that i just won competition, or that i met derek who is a total rockin blast, or that i've gotten really close to my mom, or my horrible financial situation.... but life is really good. that is all i guess.

p.s. this was more to let you all know that i'm not always miserable than anything.