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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

same as it ever was.

sick of boys once again. i can't really blog honestly because this blog is linked to my myspace page, and sadly i can admit, just like every teenager, druggy, gothic, pretty boy, slutty girl, mormon dits, and so on that everyone that would be included in my stories is on my myspace page. but i'll go on in, code.

it's funny how life works. i hate those boys that want what they can't have. the second they get the girl they've spent the last six months trying to swoon, they drop her the second she calls twice in the same night. my friends and i spend every sleepover with our witchy voices talking about how badly we hate this characteristic. how we cannot believe they are so selfish and ugly. ugly has nothing to do with it, but it usually is part of the conversation.

dani(b.f.f.) and i went on a hike the other day, and once we reached the lake at the top we sat down in the what seemed the most romantic place in utah valley. we sat there pondering, i wandered back to the cute dates i've had on that reminded me of how happy i felt right then, how much i've loved certain people. it all came out when a male duck and his chickadee duck came flying down next to me in the water. the guy duck started playing with his feathers, seemed to be showing off for the lady. she started to follow after him as he swam away. once she finally had followed him through half the lake, she stopped, gave up, and swam the other direction. and JUST like EVERY guy in the world, once the duck realized she had moved on, he turned around and sped after her, till she turned around. and the second she did....he flew away.

boys are all the same. even boy DUCKS are all the same. it's pathetic. i can't honestly say this because i do believe there's some 'ducks' that aren't so retarded. anywayz...i had a long story to follow this, can't remember instead we'll have to let the duck analogy finish off my case.

oh, ps. hey excel (my only fans).


At 3:25 AM, Blogger klank said...

and the movie ' what ducks want ' ;)


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