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Monday, May 01, 2006


as of right now i reside in boston, massachusetts. it's my first without-a-parent trip, and i must say, this is a rhelm of life i would have really taken advantage of had i known it was so exciting. aside from my b.f.f(dani)'s desire to see a few old churches, i've been able to avoid any trace of museums slash national parks. unlike trips with dad, who likes to go to zion's park three times for another hike up what looks like more ugly red mountain.

for all those that have never been to boston, or even the east coast for that matter, i would recommend it before you do anything else. before you take that next sip of coffee, next walk to the bathroom, even next breath. time is a wasting. i went to a store two days ago called "sugar heaven." it sums up itself exactly. what else did i find but big league chew, whistle pops, bubble jug, and rock candy. the ultimates of candy. we went to the coast, and more so, the charles river, and seen the most beautiful scenery one can find.

every subway entrance you go in has a black guy singing traditional boys II men music, which in itself is satisfying. everywhere there are street shows of what looks like bad a$$ gangstas breakdancing. one of the gang-stars announced "people! step closer, we-have-no-weapons." ha. another crazy lady that did weird things with her insanely flexible body shouted at us to "get excited! throw your babies in the air!!" it was almost terrifying.

but in whole, for the patriotic, for the wannabe patriotic, for the history buffs, or for even those that just like a beautiful new experience, i'll tell you this in blogger instead of a boston pamphlet, it is the place to go. every building has architecture that is breathtaking. i just can't take it already. no more explaining. book your flights now.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Greedy Kristian said...

How cool. Sounds like you are having a great time. JEALOUS!

At 2:14 PM, Blogger bab's in toyland said...

I use to say what that flexible lady said to you, when you were a baby!!!


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