a compilation of complete ruckus.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

same as it ever was.

sick of boys once again. i can't really blog honestly because this blog is linked to my myspace page, and sadly i can admit, just like every teenager, druggy, gothic, pretty boy, slutty girl, mormon dits, and so on that everyone that would be included in my stories is on my myspace page. but i'll go on in, code.

it's funny how life works. i hate those boys that want what they can't have. the second they get the girl they've spent the last six months trying to swoon, they drop her the second she calls twice in the same night. my friends and i spend every sleepover with our witchy voices talking about how badly we hate this characteristic. how we cannot believe they are so selfish and ugly. ugly has nothing to do with it, but it usually is part of the conversation.

dani(b.f.f.) and i went on a hike the other day, and once we reached the lake at the top we sat down in the what seemed the most romantic place in utah valley. we sat there pondering, i wandered back to the cute dates i've had on that reminded me of how happy i felt right then, how much i've loved certain people. it all came out when a male duck and his chickadee duck came flying down next to me in the water. the guy duck started playing with his feathers, seemed to be showing off for the lady. she started to follow after him as he swam away. once she finally had followed him through half the lake, she stopped, gave up, and swam the other direction. and JUST like EVERY guy in the world, once the duck realized she had moved on, he turned around and sped after her, till she turned around. and the second she did....he flew away.

boys are all the same. even boy DUCKS are all the same. it's pathetic. i can't honestly say this because i do believe there's some 'ducks' that aren't so retarded. anywayz...i had a long story to follow this, can't remember instead we'll have to let the duck analogy finish off my case.

oh, ps. hey excel (my only fans).

Thursday, May 04, 2006


well then. great week in boston. it truly was one of the best weeks i can remember. possibly the very best. i was completely satisfied, and in the end had spent more money than i had in a very. very. very long time. wow, a lot more. mom, kristin, my line of credit, credit card, and step mom can vouch for that. that is grounds for some serious intervening(hint to friends and family). anyway, today we woke up a little late, well two p.m. so alotta-late. liz, the girl who's dorm we were staying at suggested we run by a frozen yogurt place, grab some ice cream, and say our last goodbyes. we were up and out of there at four o'clock(our flight left at 5:50). dani and i were panicking but the three girls that flew back and forth from sandy to boston often let us know "we'd be fine." we finally got in the airport at five THIRTY, after the LOOONGGEEST bus ride.

the bus driver had stopped over three times in the middle of no where to fix his rear view mirrors. i was ready to strangle him, and let him know that if he wasn't going to be to the airport by five ten, i was going to beat his very face in right then and there. we ran to the checkin counter where the fat lady behind it let us know that there was no possible way we were going to make this flight. she the went on, double chins bouncing, revealing other good news, such as the fact that there were no more flights that day. and that we would be waiting until tomorrow at 6:10 a.m. for our flight. luckily they didn't charge us, because as my green pale face showed, i was in dire need for SOME good news.

dani and i took a seat in a nearby typically awkward airport chair, and, ha, "tried" to sleep for the next three hours. we had decided not to go back to the dorm, cause it would take us about four hours of transportation time. however, after the three hours of falling off the leather seat and downing a caesar salad, we came to find that we did need to go stay at the dorm. bus. subway. looooong walk. wait in this computer lab. soon will be to the dorm when we get a key from liz.

in a word-i'm going to kill mine self. funny thing is i believe the first thing i said today was "i don't want to go home!" now all i hear in my head are the same words over and over=there'snoplacelikehome. there'snoplacelikehome. there'snoplacelikehome.

piss. i guess what i'm trying to say is i'm not bipolar naturally. my life MAKES me bipolar. brilliant boston by day, stranded in an airport by night. ironic.

Monday, May 01, 2006


as of right now i reside in boston, massachusetts. it's my first without-a-parent trip, and i must say, this is a rhelm of life i would have really taken advantage of had i known it was so exciting. aside from my b.f.f(dani)'s desire to see a few old churches, i've been able to avoid any trace of museums slash national parks. unlike trips with dad, who likes to go to zion's park three times for another hike up what looks like more ugly red mountain.

for all those that have never been to boston, or even the east coast for that matter, i would recommend it before you do anything else. before you take that next sip of coffee, next walk to the bathroom, even next breath. time is a wasting. i went to a store two days ago called "sugar heaven." it sums up itself exactly. what else did i find but big league chew, whistle pops, bubble jug, and rock candy. the ultimates of candy. we went to the coast, and more so, the charles river, and seen the most beautiful scenery one can find.

every subway entrance you go in has a black guy singing traditional boys II men music, which in itself is satisfying. everywhere there are street shows of what looks like bad a$$ gangstas breakdancing. one of the gang-stars announced "people! step closer, we-have-no-weapons." ha. another crazy lady that did weird things with her insanely flexible body shouted at us to "get excited! throw your babies in the air!!" it was almost terrifying.

but in whole, for the patriotic, for the wannabe patriotic, for the history buffs, or for even those that just like a beautiful new experience, i'll tell you this in blogger instead of a boston pamphlet, it is the place to go. every building has architecture that is breathtaking. i just can't take it already. no more explaining. book your flights now.