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Monday, April 10, 2006

perfect. complete.

i believe this is one of the first times i've seen the numbers 3:44 on the clock not accompanied by the red dot symbolizing p.m. usually at this very minute i am sprawled across a tiny bed, open mouthed, and drueling. however, tonight i've found myself in a complete mess of a room trying to complete a four page paper on the benefits of buying angus cattle. how the hell did i get in that kind of a pickle? it's taken me since 8 p.m., and i've gotten utterly no where. don't you hate that.

here is the problem at hand. not only have i just realized that all of my pre-concieved notions about buying cattle were wrong, but i have literally gone crazy. for the past ten minutes i've been staring at a letter from my friend on a mish in scotland, listening to "kokomo" on repeat. and enjoying myself. it seems to me that four in the morning is underrated. there is a whole rhelm of myself i never knew existed, but i like it.

4 in the morning Hilary-
= listens to the beach boys and starts to feel an almost spiritual connection with them. why DON'T i go down to kokomo?
= eats two packs of life savors as if sitting here were more boring than an hour long sacrament meeting. where are the animal crackers.
= just finished sending really lame emails to all contacts in my email account about how we really need to catch up because boy, it's been a while. tomorrow morning(in two hours) i'm going to wake up and realize there was a REASON i haven't talked to those people in a while.

well, to all of those who i am suuuure are passed out and dreaming of one night stands with celebrities, goodmorning. to me, goodnight. p.s. don't mention this blog to me, ever. i can tell you know i'll blush and come up with really lame excuses for why i rambled on about all this nothing.


At 2:03 AM, Blogger Svein Dale Soleng said...

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At 8:58 AM, Blogger VievEGirL said...

I too have wondered why I don't go down to arruba and jamaica? The beach boys you gotta love them!Remember when we went to their concert? That was good ol' times!!!

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Greedy Kristian said...

You just like the "Come on pretty mama". I better you get up on you bed, shake your booty and sing into a make shift tampoo microphone.

P.S. You should have called me...I do have 15 cows of my own.


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