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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


i just lopped, chopped, cropped my hair seven inches. and died it brown. and got bangs. it's the new me. emo. as hard as i'm trying to not like the things emo people like, i am becoming one speedily. why is it such a bad thing you ask? well emo is the new nigger. 'cept niggas are the new big mac, so that's contradictory.

anyway, wanna hear the hair reactions??

1. my friend in my class said it was a good idea, cause now i can really show off my hicky.
2. my not-so-friend in my class said it was "a trip". i turned around with a messed up look on my face and asked if that was an insult. he walked away awkwardly, so i grabbed him and asked again, and he gave me one of those looks that withoutfail means, well, 'yes'.
3. the my favorite kid at my work was shocked when i told him i died my hair. he couldn't tell. let's think about this. i was plat-i-num blond and am now dark dark brown. but he's half mexican, so it explains.

anyway, the hair is cool. it's gruel. okay? okay. well if anything, it's better than jaaf's. mah. ha.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger Greedy Kristian said...

Better then Jaafs? Is that what you were going for....we could have given you a mullet and it still would look better. Set your standard a little higher next time. Maybe Kents?

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Kylie said...

Whoa, I guess we're on the same brain wave cuz I chopped like 3 inches off my hair yesterday, and the bangs are shorter again (due to she cut them and I hated them, so I kept cutting).

Jof got a haircut yesterday too, but only like a half an inch and less mullety. ^_^


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