a compilation of complete ruckus.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Heavier Things

i can't believe how often i find myself carrying really heavy objects. ever since i moved into an apartment on the third floor with an elevator that takes longer than it takes me to walk to the nearest wal*mart, i have found myself always needing to carry huge things up the three flights of stairs.

it first started when we forgot the dolly when i was moving in, and we had to carry all of my boxes up. then it's become a weekly task of carrying down all of my laundry(which usually takes three loads) and back up. one of the worst was when i had to park in the back parking lot and carry in an entire computer single handed...mind you this computer was EXTREMELY heavy and EXTREMELY awkward.

now tonight. for some reason i decided to buy a twenty pound bag of potatoes. my teacher told me to practice cutting potatoes, but why i decided i need TWENTY pounds to practice on...i'll never know. i believe it was becuase it was the same price as the ten pound bag. either way...i once again found myself not only carrying up all of my groceries, but this huge twenty pound bag of potatoes too. i'm sick and tired of it. i refuse. you can't make me do it. next year i plan on living on the first floor...or in an apartment with an elevator that goes faster than the SPEED OF LIGHT.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


First off...this is a copy cat of vieve girl, who stole it from happy jelly bean, who stole the original idea from greedy kristian. thus, and lawsuits involving copywrite cannot be pressed against me. credit has been given in full.

now valentine's day has all around SUCKED, so here's to escaping life in two hours of watching OTHER people be in love.

25.romeo and juliet
24.the notebook to lose a guy in ten days
22.two weeks notice
20.hope floats
19.ever after
18.runaway bride it forward
16.13 going on 30
15.freaky friday actually
13.10 things i hate about you
12.big fish
11.notting hill
10.a walk to remember
9.benny and joon a date with tad hamilton
6.a cinderella story
5.the perfect man
4.phantom of the opera
3.tristan and isolde
2.eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


1.dawson's creek...hey it's a tv show, but the epitome of chick flicks.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Claw

So yesterday my work, still Kara's, had me scheduled to "personalize" truffle hearts all evening. Basically like frosting cakes. All of them basically said "happy valentines day mom" or "i love you puppsie" and my favorite "our love is like a booger". i didn't ask for any esplaining about that one, but now i really wish i had.

By the end of the night my hand was getting a little swollen. if any of you have seen the friends where chandler plays pac man for hours and hours on end you know exactly what my hand looked like. "the claw". it was stuck in a jumbled up cramp, and was REALLY killing me. i was getting more and more pissed of by every customer that came in asking for a heart, i was ready to say, "no. no. you CAN'T have a truffle heart. now get out of my store immediately." but i didn't, i kept on trecking.

it was nearing nine o'clock, the beloved closing time, and i started to clean up. i completely jinxed it when i told the girl i was working with "i am NEVER doing another one of those hearts again!" seeing as when i turned around to grab my stuff there was an old lady, he then went on to ask me if i could do twelve hearts for all of her kids. WHY DID YOU HAVE SO MANY KIDS LADY! this would have been a lot easier if you had been smart and stopped at like, three. then after those, a little girl came back with hers saying she had smashed the icing, and i had to redo it. i had about six more orders before i could leave. That's a lot...each one takes about ten minutes. i was SO mad.

so to heck with truffle hearts. i hope you're all greatful.