a compilation of complete ruckus.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Suspicious Birthday Girl

i was working last night, alone as usual, and i turned around to find a quiet middle aged woman, that was quite homely looking, standing there looking at the fudge. she was equipped with a large backpack, sleeping bag, and other camping gear, so i asked if she was on her way to go camping.

she leaned in a whispered to me that it was her birthday, but she didn't want anyone to know. she then went on to explain that every year she does something nice for someone else for her birthday, but seeing as she had had such a terrible year, she was going to have her first selfish birthday, and spend it entirely alone.

i felt really bad for the lady, cause you could tell she had definitely been through some bad times. while talking to her i put together a box of chocolates of the ones she was saying she liked, and handed it to her for her b-day. she got really excited, so she whipped out a stack of like 400 papers, and told me to pick out three to keep. i didn't exactly know what they were, but i did...she then left much happier than to begin with, and i turned to read the papers.

apparently she writes a lot of poetry, because the entire stack had been a compilation of poems. it was really exciting, because i get really excited over stuff like that. it was one of the strangest experiences of my life though. i dont know why, but it seemed extremely strange. here's one of the poems just for kicks:

The grass grows heavy
between lilacs and chrysanthemums
gathering green for future collaboration
it isn't a question of rising or falling
or of knowing how close to grow.
But of believing in a place
existent for your filling
Of knowing the design of time
And the motion of your words
the beginning of lines,
the geometry and meaning that you find
between the calculated demands
of who wants power
And your expecation of self
in every moment
In every hour.

what a strange experience aye?

Monday, January 30, 2006

It's been a while

Clearly. the boy across from me is playing footsie with me, so i'm starting to wonder why i've waited so long to come back to the library and do another one of these entries. ANYWAY....let's update on the kara chocolate's hell hole.

1. we caught our embezzling boss in the act, and she finally got her a-- fired. the new manager, TEN BAZILLION times worse. the lesson all of us employees learned: NEVER turn in an embezzling boss if you like her in all other aspects of life.

2. this is probably going to lose quite a bit of business for my work, but you know, it's something we all need to know in the first place. i was stocking chocolates, as usual. we have these big boxes of bulk chocolates that we then take out and put in the case for everyone to see. well i opened one of the boxes, sugarfree english toffee if you must know...and out jumps a MOUSE. RIGHT ONTO MY APRON. it scurried of myself, and ran along the counter, to the floor, and finally found a small hole for it to hide in. the rest of the night i looked like i was having seizures because any wiff of wind or anything to that effect, felt like a little furry friend again. it was TERRIBLE.

3. the mouse had been the last straw. i told my two co-worker pals i was quitting, and they decided they were doing the same. so at our saturday "meeting" we walked in, first thing one of my friends gets "canned", then the next one quits and walks out, so i decided i'd do the same. i gave a two weeks notice that i am now regretting, i can't stand the place.

in the end, the short in employees at kara chocolates has gone from 5 to 2. so really, that sucks. oh well, too bad i don't feel bad. mwahahaha.

oh AND, i got a job at a bakery. a step up i'd say.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I spent almost a grand today.


i hate when you go blow a ton of money and then you feel suicidal and guilty all day long. Well today, today i spent more money than i think i ever have in one day. but it's all because i needed to OKAY?

1- $375 for my tool kit and uniforms for class. that's only the SECOND half. i already paid another 375. murderous.

2- $310 for rent 7 utilities. GRR. i hate that.

3- $40 on groceries. that makes it sound like nothing. that's a lot okay!

4- $20 on gas. for a stupid breaking car. it's falling to pieces.

5- $5.00 to make copies of my keys. once again i locked my keys in the car, but a sweet norwegian helped me out of the pickle. that's the LAST time that's going to happen.

GRAND TOTAL: $750.00. okay, so not quite a thousand, but more money than i logically have. In the end i maxed out my credit card, used my entire checking and savings accounts, and used all of my overdraft. i'm living off the five i have in my wallet. good heavens. if you see me on the side of the road, please spare some change. jk.

Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

10. Avoid having my car pushed to the side of the road twice a week.
9. Be grateful to live in Orem. Hell, that's impossible.
8. Start up a rock band.
7. Don't make best friend's with embezzling bosses.
6. No crushes on younger men.
5. Make friends with people that don't have drug tendencies.
4. Make another attempt to toilet paper a former landlord.
3. No dates with recently returned missionaries.
2. Lose the freshman fifty i've gained.

Now i doubt #1 will even come CLOSE to happening, but the main reason i'll avoid this is because if i'm not by august my ma owes me $200.00. i need the money.

TO MOM: that was a stupid bet.