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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Hey Ya'll.

I was reading some of my old posts and realized that although it's been six months, i would take a shot at bloggerepentance- and begin again.

As of now- i'm sitting in a secret computer lab i just discovered at UVSC. I think i will forevermore refer to it as the "pretty people lab". it is very strange= all the labs at UVSC are like mother dogs trying to feed all of her puppies- but she just can't get to them all. that may have been the grossest metaphor ever.

but they are all packed to the brim with long lines and even longer waiting lists. yet i turned a corner today and found the pretty lab. it's like sixty computers with only fifteen or so people in here. all of which are very good looking for some reason. weird.

so- i was reading my old blog about the fact that 18 yrs and 11 months old was the very crappiest state to be in ever.

I figured i would give you this update=

i am now nineteen years and eleven months old. that extra year does wonders.

i don't know if its cause of my boost in schooling and the fact that i just won competition, or that i met derek who is a total rockin blast, or that i've gotten really close to my mom, or my horrible financial situation.... but life is really good. that is all i guess.

p.s. this was more to let you all know that i'm not always miserable than anything.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the "sophmore"

i thought i was done blogging, but i guess i'll always have more to say.

after reading greedy kristian's "back to school" blog, i was once again inspired. the stress of finding a bus route from sandy to provo, you know, the one i'd be riding everyday for the rest of the year, and trying to scrounge up the money for books i realized i needed to find a way to vent.

so when did learning become so expensive?

i remember in highschool talking to some of my friends about the fact that their dads actually PAID them two hundred dollars for every "A" they could pull off. now, in college slash "the real world", it COSTS YOU five hundred dollars to make an attempt at even a C. and in the end, whether you've passed with flying colors, or failed the class miserably, it still cost you five hundred dollars and a LOT of reading to do so.

this is what school has become. first it was a place to play with your friends and hit the new playground. then it was a zoo for boys and girls to hook up. then it became drama. not until college did it actually become learning. and mind you, i think they should give sophmores in college a new name, because as a freshman, it's all new, the singles wards, the living on your own, being surrounded with boys and girls your age, there is no way you're getting out of there without a million friends.

but let's look at the sophmore. by now they've realized that singles wards are what everyone has told you- a meat market. some fell for it, and instead of being sophmores in college they are going into labor. the roommates ended up being brats, and living away from home means one thing to you-expensive. now education has completely lost its appeal, because now all the word means to me is two thousand dollars every three months, stressful nights and weekends, and an hour drive on a bus that smells like enchiladas at 6 a.m. sharp. don't forget the way home.

it's a wonder how or IF people actually get over it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9 hours and counting.

this one's for you mom.

okay, it is give or take nine hours till i compete. i was thinking last night what it took me to get here. from fourth grade cooking class with mr. hammel, to high school foods with my first kiss(yikes), to state high school championships, to national bronze medals, to uvsc, to a year away from my family and friends, to a chocolate shop, to a bakery, to a high end restaurant, to hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of practice with chefs that used to be my heros and have now become my friends, to a state competition that everyone had money on i'd lose, to a free trip to missouri, to this hotel, to this computer, nine hours away from competing in nationals, all alone.
this is a first for me. i've never done something like this before alone. i've always had a team. i can honestly say this is the most stress i've ever been under. i am learning a lot about myself. yes, i've had stress before, i almost didn't graduate for crying out loud, but this....i'm honory, itchy, needy, shy, and most of all....friendly. for some reason i've talked talked talked this whole trip to anyone, {ANYONE} around in hopes of taking my mind off competition. anyway, i'm not ready at all. in all chances, i am really and truly supposed to be dead, rotting last place.
but i'm not going to be. believe you me. and even if i am, i'm going to do my best. there was a guy that walked in from the CIA, and JOHNSON AND WALES, you know, THE culinary arts schools. and they walked right in like 'oh, we've got this IN THE BAG' welp, that's when i went back to my hotel room, looked right at myself in the mirror and said "um, yeah, actually they DONT have it. because i have JUST as good of a chance. i am going to freaking bust my butt tomorrow, and win or fail, i'm goign to get the place i deserve. and so the piss are they."
yep. that's what i said. i'll tell you the outcome tomorrow.